About us


EURO-COOP Ltd. was founded in 1990 under German business management.
Our main activity is fostering the export of German/Bavarian fine food and beverage products.



Our goals are:

  • fostering your imported food & beverage products and finding new sales potential
  • identifying the ways most suitable for your business
  • generating listings and stimulating them with marketing activity, as well as increasing the sales figures of your import products


Our mission is the fostering of the imported fine food and beverage products.

In order to open up the enormous sales potential of the export/import markets, EURO-COOP Ltd. has built a network of co-workers and contacts across Western-and Eastern Europe and also in the Middle East.

Our customers profit from these contacts, which have been developed over decades.

EURO-COOP Ltd. accompanies businesses with a modularly constructed market entry plan, starting from market analysis, market development and support at expos, all the way to entry to the market, and the subsequent merchandising.

This enables customers to choose which export/import-service module to use (and when), depending on their product range, experience with export and the specificities of the target-country’s market.

The modules include (but are not limited to):

  • identifying trading structures and entry conditions to the market abroad
  • developing an export/import strategy
  • finding suitable partners
  • sales promotion within the food product retail industry
  • organizing expos and fairs
  • sales service for your brand and products
  • merchandising