Market analysis incorporates a short, personalized analysis of food product retail and its effects on market conditions abroad.
We research specifically targeted markets based on their size, their development and trading trends, their general conditions, and their key figures.

Our market analysis supports you by providing information on:

  • micro and macro data
  • economic and demographic data
  • trading structures abroad
  • opportunities and risks
  • local competitors on the market abroad

The multiple layers of our action plan enable the best possible outcomes:

A combination of secondary, as well as, primary data, gives you a detailed outline of the relevant market-conditions abroad. A combination of the knowledge of our employees on location and a variety of existing data based on studies and databases, offers all the important information you need, fully processed.


If you would like to successfully enter the German market, you should gather in-depth information about the local conditions in advance.

These market is characterized by certain specificities, absent from other markets, which can make it rather difficult for foreign businesses to enter. At EURO-COOP Ltd. you will receive advice from international experts on the food and beverage sector. All our experts have many years of experience in foreign countries we work with, and posses specialized knowledge on the requirements for German businesses in particular. This way you can avoid any unpleasant surprises, and save money and time.

As part of our market entry consulting plan, we supply the necessary knowledge for a secure start in your new future market.


People with goals look for ways to reach them. Our goal in our professional conferences and seminars is to provide the exact information you may need.
We aim to supply the expertise that you need to reach your goals quickly and securely.


 First-hand information will allow you to learn more detailed information about each specific target-country’s market. You can make personal contact with the invited professionals and insiders from abroad.

You can rely on our decade-long experience in knowledge- and competence-exchange.

Food Promotion at the point of sale (POS)

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Food & Beverage Presentation

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